Artist Statement

Using only reclaimed wood, I create art that is unique, and at the same time draw attention to the endless possibilities of working exclusively with salvaged wood. Assembled like jigsaw puzzles or mosaics, every work I make consists of anywhere from hundreds to thousands of individual pieces of wood that are cut, glued, and nailed together, one piece at a time. I am particularly fascinated by the challenges involved in transforming scrap that would otherwise end up in landfills into beautiful sculptures or functional furnishings.


Nick Lopez is a 3rd generation craftsman and native of California. Under the guidance of his Father he developed a unique and varied skill set as a builder and contractor.

In 2009, Lopez began designing and creating Functional Art and home furnishings from reclaimed wood, much of it out of old growth California Redwood. The materials used originate from barns, decks, and fencing, salvaged by Lopez during contracting projects.

For the past 7 years, Lopez has designed and created a signature body of work, comprising beds, chairs, tables, decorative sculpture and privately commissioned pieces. His aesthetic gracefully blends the Modernist tradition with a distinct sense of California style and sublime craftsmanship.

Nick Lopez artist

The Pieces

All pieces featured on this site have been built entirely by hand. Assembled piece by piece, layer by layer to create the shape. Once fully assembled, the completed piece is then smoothed and shaped using a variety of hand held tools and sanders, resulting in a smooth finish with slight undulations.

Custom sizes and wood species are available upon request. Due to the random nature of this process, as well as the varying qualities inherent to each piece of wood, each completed piece will be completely unique.